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Happy Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day! ASWC would like to focus on a more specific type of pressure injury - Medical Device-Related Pressure Injuries (MDRPI). MDRPIs are pressure injuries that develop as a result of a device designed and applied for diagnostic or therapeutic use, such as oxygen tubing or a hard cast. Pressure Injuries can develop as an inadvertent consequence or unintended contact with the skin. Device-related pressure injuries can also result from any everyday objects, such as a call light, cell phone, or furniture.
Since the pandemic, MDRPI incidence has increased tenfold! Up to 30% of PI are MDPRI related. When a patient's skin is not visible beneath a medical device, skin changes can be easily missed. The skin beneath the device may be deprived of oxygen due to pressure, swelling, and result in tissue necrosis.
Mucosal Membrane pressure injuries are pressure injuries of moist membranes that line the respiratory, genitourinary, and gastrointestinal tracts. Mucosal membrane PI is primarily caused by medical devices, such as feeding tubes, ventilators, oxygen tubing, or stabilization equipment. Keep in mind, you don’t stage these injuries as they do not have the same anatomic depth as our recognized NPIAP staging system.
      Prevention is key! Prevention can include staff education on how to select the correct device size, daily skin monitoring beneath devices, protection beneath the device and skin, and repositioning device sites (if able). Caregivers and providers can lead the way in MDRPI prevention! We challenge you to get MDRPI rates down to ZERO!
What are you doing in your buildings to prevent MDPRI? Please share your ideas with us! Download and print our MDRPI fact and Prevention sheet to learn more.

Promote what you are doing for Worldwide Pressure Injury Day 2021 on social media using these hashtags: #StopPIDay #StopPIDay2021 #ASWC #ASWCPIPrevention

Happy Healing, 

 Tara Frazier MSN, AGNP, APRN, WCC
Chief Clinical Officer 

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