We will provide surgical care for all wound issues (pressure, diabetic, vascular, traumatic, post-operative). Additionally, our surgeons are available to treat most minor surgical issues, such as abscess drainage, or skin lesion/mass biopsy. We perform vascular Doppler studies, and can place/assist/instruct on use of VAC and UNNA boot therapies. We are also capable of replacing gastric, suprapubic, and tracheostomy tubes, in order to further reduce unnecessary transfers. All of these procedures are performed at bedside without need for transfer, transportation, or other logistical hassles. Care is provided with nursing staff to tighten communication, coordinate care and synchronize documentation.

Weekly wound care rounds are organized with nursing staff for patient consultation and follow-up. Surgeons are available for emergency consultations outside of these rounds.

Communication with primary care doctors, other surgical consultants, and family is facilitated.

In-service presentations, customized to all levels of nursing care are provided. Ongoing instruction during wound care rounds is continuously provided to nursing staff, students, family members, and, often most importantly, patients.


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