Do you need a contract?
We do not require a contractual obligation for our work, but we do believe that a contract should be made for HIPAA compliance. We have a standard non-binding one for that purpose, available upon request. We can also use one you provide. Most individual homes require only licensing and insurance information for our doctors, which we certainly provide. We don’t want to force your staff to consult us, we are confident that our service is superior, and that once we have proven ourselves to you, you will consult our surgeons simply because our treatment and service are the best.

How much will your services cost?
There is no cost to the facility for our work. We bill Government agencies and Private insurances only.

What if a patient does not have insurance?
We see our contract with the home as a contract with the entire home, not just some of the patients there. Our surgeons will see every patient that needs to be seen, and, as doctors, we take pride in that commitment.

What kind of treatments will you order?
We coordinate our treatment plan for each patient with the facility. We feel that there are frequently multiple options to treat a wound. Rarely does a wound require treatment outside a facility’s regular formulary.

What is your opinion of adjunctive treatments such as VAC dressings, polarizing light therapy, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
While negative pressure dressings (VAC) are very effective, they require optimal circumstances to work the best. Frequently they are used in wounds that are not clean, and exacerbate a wound problem, rather than help. Our surgeons all have extensive experience with these dressings, and will ensure that they are being properly utilized, and that the wound bed is prepared and maintained for this optimal effect.

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