About Us

Who are we?
We are surgeons with extensive experience in wound care and general and reconstructive surgical technique. We offer professional partnerships with nursing home nurses and caregivers. Employment of doctors' surgical skills, the nurses’ daily presence and care, and their combined experience to remove necrotic and infected tissue, create an optimized healing environment, and a road to speed recovery.

How do we work?
Regularly scheduled visits can be tailored to each facility’s convenience. The visits can be coordinated to allow for discussions with patients’ fa milies or primary care physicians, thus facilitating communication and understanding amongst all interested parties. Communication will be personal and continuous.

The surgeon will provide extensive, computerized, easy to read  documentation of wound etiology (vascular, diabetic, pressure, infectious), and of the course of healing as the wound improves.

Dr. Suraj Maholtra has been instrumental in our wound care program here at New Jersey Firemen’s home. We sincerely appreciate all of the in- servicing he does for our staff . The time he puts into his slide presentations and his knowledge base of wound care is impressive. Dr. Maholtra has managed to heal up the majority of our wounds here. His expertise is admirable. As a past New York City thoracic surgeon there is little he has not seen or dealt with. We also appreciate his timeliness and his attendance at our Quality Assurance meetings. He certainly gives of his time and his dedication to the treatment of our residents is very impressive. He travels a long distance here in all kinds of weather, yet manages to always arrive with a smile and a greeting and a bit of new knowledge for us all each time he is here. I personally appreciate his efforts and wanted you to know."
-Donna Russo, RN BSN DON
New Jersey Firemen's Home

“Advantage Wound Care’s Excellent services and great quality wound care has contributed so much to the improved quality of life of our patients. We rely on dependable services from partners like you to help us satisfy our patients and their families which would sum up to great customer service. I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing our good working relationship. Thanks for all you do.”
-Marie D., Director of Nursing

“I have been extremely pleased by the services that Advantage Wound Care has provided our patients, and their presence gives me a sense of comfort that we are providing superior wound care to our residents."
-Jackie M., Director of Nursing

“Their notes have stood out during surveys as evidence of quality care by our facility. They are also good at coordinating and communicating with the nursing and doctor staff.”
-Rahul D., Administrator

“Advantage Wound Care’s outstanding wound care service has improved the quality of life of our residents. Their excellent communication with the staff and precise documentation helps us with regulatory compliance.”
-Josie D., Director of Nursing

“Their surgical training and qualifications allow them to perform procedures that otherwise would have to be transferred or sent to outside clinics, or left to less effective methods. This has saved us countless hours of nursing manpower. I would recommend Dr. Marriott and Advantage Wound Care to any organization interested in improving its wound care results.”
-Marie D., Director of Nursing

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